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“Our main aim is to help maintain the health and well being of your horses”



What Should You Add To Your Daily Feeds?…



Protek won't be beaten on quality! This supplement is your horse's ally in a natural show ring shine with minimal effort! Our 3 in 1 formula is design to support the normal function of the gut. Protek only uses the finest food grade ingredients! ALL NATURAL NO NASTIES!

Joint Supplement!

This supplement is your horse's ally in achieving and maintaining peak condition. Immediate comfort and long-term health, paving the way for a happier, more active, and pain-free life. Protect your horse's mobility and comfort with our superior Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM Joint Supplement, expertly blended.

Turmeric Root with Black Pepper!

This supplement is your ally in maintaining peak health and vitality, offering a holistic approach to wellbeing. Ideal for horses of all ages and disciplines, Our specially crafted extract with a very impressive 95% Curcuminoids harnesses the full potential of turmeric, enriched with black pepper for maximum absorption, ensuring your horse benefits from every nutrient.


This supplement is your ally in maintaining peak calmness and well-being. Whether you're preparing for competition or striving for a happy, healthy horse Protek Magnesium is designed to fill the nutritional gaps in your horse's diet, ensuring they receive the optimal amount of this essential mineral.


Ingredients Of A Food Grade Standard

(Internal trial with John Edwards of Cotts Equine)



Why allicin is so important and why we use it in our supplement PROTEK

Just one of our top scientists we have behind us is DR James Tang veterinarian & immunologist and also one of our consultants for PROTEK. Who also developed this unique process containing a greater level.

This is why we at K & V Elite Equine Products Ltd always advise you to ask your supplier these questions to make sure you are getting the correct garlic so you get maximum benefit:

Fresh garlic contains alliin (or precursor of allicin) and alliinase, when the garlics physical structure is broke, for example: Crushed or sliced, the alliinase is released from the cells and converts alliin into allicin.

The Alliin/allicin contents vary depending on the harvest from different geographic locations and different species. Most garlic that is available on the market are of hybridized garlic due to high output, which provide the big size and the nice appearance but allicin contents are low. 

Our garlic is selected from a special area in China called Cangshan which are the original species, not hybridized, sizes are relatively small, outputs are low, with less than 7 cloves in each garlic bulb.


Most commercial garlic processes decompose/denature the alliinase

Most commercial garlic processes decompose/denature the alliinase by washing, cutting and high temperature drying, so most garlic products only contain 1000ppm or 0.1% of allicin which has no values for biological function if taken. 

Dr. James Tang developed a unique process which allows dried garlic powder containing a greater level of allicin (greater than 10,000ppm or 1%). This is why our product is different with other garlics on the market which have little or no effect. 

 Allicin can optimize the horses gut microflora by inhibition of  “bad microorganism” and allow benefits microorganism” survive and function better to maintain horses at best physiology conditions.

This is why we at K & V Elite Equine Products only use top quality ingredients in our supplement to give you the greatest benefits possible…


Manufactured By Cultech, UK Leaders In Innovation And Research

We don’t compromise on quality. You may find it hard to find another company who can offer the standards this has produced.

This 3 in 1 supplement is all you need. No need to buy multiples.

Protek complies with BHA standards and has no known banned substances.

Allows your horse to perform at peak level from your happy hacker through to your thoroughbred.

Nothing beats the experience & knowledge of the people behind it, who have been in the horse world for 40 years.

We have world renowned scientists, our manufacturer Cultech Ltd have a production that is second to none. Our credentials go above and beyond what is expected of a horse supplement.

We have complete traceability as every ingredient comes with a test cert and only released after testing.

It is used by many horse trainers to name but a few, top trainers William Haggis, Stuart Williams & Tony Carson in Newmarket. Also John Moore’s Racing Stables, Penbiddle Racing Stables & Adrian Wintle Racing Stables producing winners! 


Manufactured By Cultech, UK Leaders In Innovation And Research

If you buy an inferior quality product, it will not give you benefits of feeding to your horse(s), which will be of little or no use if you cannot get a quality standard. Our advice would be if they cannot guarantee the quality, what are you really buying? As we only offer the highest grade, you can get a food grade quality. If it is good enough for us, it is good enough for the horses.


Why You Should Add Protek To Your Daily Feeds…

Main ingredients consist of Garlic, Oregano and Cinnamon

Maintains a healthy gastric environment in the gut and supports the natural process

Maintains muscle growth & aids muscle repair from hard training

Maintains & supports a normal digestive system

equine protek

Supports normal liver function & detoxification along with healthy blood cleansing

Supports a healthy respiratory system

Maintains healthy condition & healthy hooves

Supports & maintains normal joint & muscle mobility & function